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Re: Dilophosaurus

2011/8/30 David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:
>>  1. *Averostra* is linguistically inaccurate; "Avirostra" is correct,
>>  as the stem of _aves_ is not _ave-_ but _avi-_.
> Actually, no. _Avis_ belongs to the mixed declension, which means it belongs
> to the consonantic declension in the singular and the _i_ declension in the
> plural. The stem is _av-_ in the singular and _avi-_ in the plural.
> Therefore, the accusative and ablative singular are _avem_ and _ave_ (rather
> than _-im_ and _-i_ as in the _i_ declension), but the genetive plural is
> _avium_ (rather than "avum" as it would be in the consonantic declension).
It seems from your message that Averostra is orthographically correct, right?.