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Re: Dilophosaurus

Avepoda was first proposed in DA, not PDW

In a message dated 8/30/11 1:45:02 PM, keesey@gmail.com writes:

<< The PhyloCode places no restriction on types of phylogenetic

definition. Apomorphy-based definitions have always been one of the

prescribed types of phylogenetic definition. See Note 9.3.1:

http://www.ohio.edu/phylocode/art9.html#note9.3.1 >>

I long resented that the dinosaurs with the most bird-like feet have been 
labeled theropods, so I realized that the way to solve the problem was to use 
the apomorphy + clade scheme to effectively relabel all tridactyl (or 
descended from) theropods that belong to the clade that includes birds as 
avepods. Avepod is superior to neotheropod in that the latter being node based 
automatically excludes the most basal tridactyl aveopds. So if for one or 
another reason you wish to discuss ALL tridactyl theropods in the avian clade 
all tridactyl theropods may well be in that clade) use avepod.