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New Lower Triassic site in Brazil

From: Ben Creisler

A recent paper not mentioned yet on the DML, with 
nondiagnostic archosauromorphs. The pdf is free.

Sérgio Dias-da-Silva & Átila Augusto Stock da-Rosa (2011)
Granja Palmeiras, a new fossiliferous site for the Lower 
Triassic of southern Brazil.
Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia 14(2):157-168

A new fossiliferous locality, Granja Palmeiras, is 
described for the Sanga do Cabral Formation (Lower 
Triassic of Southern Brazil, Rosário do Sul Group, Paraná 
Basin). It consists on orange and reddish fine 
sandstones, with sandy and calcareous concretions and 
intercalated fossiliferous intraformational 
conglomerates. Its fossils are fragmentary and badly 
preserved. Nevertheless, among the 46 specimens collected 
so far, putative actinopterygians,temnospondyls, 
procolophonoids, archosauromorphs, and non-mammalian 
cynodonts were identified. Besides, several non-
diagnostic appendicular elements are ascribed to 
Tetrapoda indet. The fossiliferous content found in 
Granja Palmeiras can provide a valuable new framework for 
future correlation with other Lower Triassic South 
American units as well as other continental tetrapod-
bearing deposits from Gondwana.