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Atlas of hadrosaur foot bones (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler
A new paper not yet mentioned on the DML. (The pdf is free.)
Rachel Zheng, Andrew A. Farke & Gy-Su Kim (2011) 
A Photographic Atlas of the Pes from a Hadrosaurine Hadrosaurid Dinosaur.  
PalArch’s Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology 8(7) (2011), 1-12. ISSN 

Hadrosaurid dinosaurs are abundantly represented in terrestrial deposits from 
the Late Cretaceous, as isolated elements, associated specimens, and 
articulated skeletons with soft tissue. However, identifi cation of isolated 
elements can be diffi cult in the absence of adequate reference material. Here 
we present a photographic atlas of the complete pes from a hadrosaurine 
hadrosaurid (possibly Edmontosaurus annectens) collected in the Hell Creek 
Formation of Montana.