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Unescoceratops and Gryphognathus, new ceratopsians from Alberta

From: Ben Creisler
Apologies if people already received this posting. I sent it yesterday but 
apparently it got lost in cyber space...
Two new ceratopsians, Unescoceratops koppelhusae and Gryphognathus morrisoni 
that won't be valid until 2012 publication: 
Michael J. Ryan, David C. Evans, Philip J. Currie, Caleb M. Brown & Don 
Brinkman ("2011" [2012])
New leptoceratopsids from the Upper Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada.
Cretaceous Research (advance online publication)

Two new leptoceratopsid neoceratopsians are described based on partial 
dentaries collected from the Dinosaur Park (Campanian) and Milk River 
(Santonian) formations of Alberta. The new Campanian taxon [Unescoceratops] has 
a unique dentary tooth shape not shared by other leptoceratopsid taxa, which 
has implications for the evolution of the Leptoceratopsidae. The Santonian 
specimen [Gryphognathus] represents the oldest known leptoceratopsid (~83 Ma), 
and probably represents the smallest adult-sized ceratopsian known from North 
[taxa names added to abstract]