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The best formations for fossilizing Tyrannosaurids in?

I was reading _Feathered Dinosaurs_ by J.Long and P.Schouten, and I noticed 
that only some of the Tyrannosauroids mentioned a formation they hail from.
Which got me curious, so I thought I'd ask the experts:
Which formations have given us the best/most complete fossils of each genera?
_Tanycolagreus topwilsoni_ (?Tyrannosaurid?), Late Jurassic Morrison Formation, 
4 meters long.
_Dilong paradoxus_, Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation, 1.6 meters long.
_Guanlong wucai_, Late Jurassic, 3 meters long.
_Alioramus remotus_, Late Cretaceous, 6 meters long.
_Alectrosaurus olseni_, Late Cretaceous Iren Dabasu Formation & Bayanshiree 
Svita (Omnogov), 5 meters long.
_Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis_, Late Cretaceous, 7 meter long juvinile.
_Tarbosaurus bataar_, Late Cretaceous, 14 meters long.
_Tyrannosaurus rex_, Late Cretaceous, 12.5 meters long.
_Daspletosaurus torosus_, Late Cretaceous, 9 meters long.
_Albertosaurus sarcophagus_, Late Cretaceous, 9 meters long.
_Gorgosaurus libratus_, Late Cretaceous, 9 meters long.
thank you.