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Re: Sinosauropteryx feather paper (free pdf)

well, as nice and informative as that talk was, it remains to be said that
- it is unclear what happens to the tail in water
- w/o water, you're back to opisthotonic posture due to oxygen lack or
whatever the specific cause in the individual case may have been

and let me cite that - uh - paper, I guess:
"The dinosaurs died in the vicinity of a lake" Golly! Now we just need
to define what "vicinity" means. may I remind the whole lot that
Urumqui is a port town? Must be in the "vicinity" of water, right? In
fact, just outside town is a monument to the point on earht that is
"farthest from any sea". DUH! I smell a rat when people are that vague
as TLS is.

As for the "uniform crests": Christian Foth sunk that crest things for good:

yeah, no rachis preserved, and a crest instead of a full cover. This
means that all TLS pulls out of the "filaments" is, well, pulled out
of thin air!

darn literature HELPS! Unless, that is, you do not want your base your
work on reality. Duh!

The one thing that remains unclear to me is why ornithologists are so
adamantly opposed to peer review by people who RTFPs, and thus
continue to publish unscientific stuff. I can't help but feel that
they seem to regard the BAD theory as denigrating their research
subject, and thus need to fight it religiously. There, I said it:
religiously! And that's exactly what it is: BANDitry is a religion.

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On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 12:49 AM, David Marjanovic
<david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:
> From the abstract:
>>  Lastly, a theory that the opisthotonic posture of fossils such as
>>  Sinosauropteryx NIGP 127587 occurred perimortem as a consequence of
>>  neural spasms provides the basis for a forensic reconstruction of the
>>  stages leading to the dinosaur’s death and the final preserved
>>  position of the external, dorsally preserved soft tissue, which
>>  proves to be more consistent with a uniform crest than individual,
>>  free protofeathers.
> Too bad that the hypothesis of perimortal spasms has turned out to be quite
> unparsimonious. I was there at this year's SVP meeting when a video showed
> what happens when a dead chicken is put in water: the intervertebral
> ligaments contract, the dorsal ones are bigger than the ventral ones, and
> _within 5 seconds_ the top of the head touches the back.
> But back to the topic. Uniform crest? Then why are stage I feathers
> preserved elsewhere on the body?