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Re: Digital Plateosaurus wins Spanish Dinópolis foundation prize

And well deserved--kudos!

>>> Ben Creisler <bscreisler@yahoo.com> 12/15/2011 1:19 PM >>>
From: Ben Creisler
This news item is currently only in Spanish that I can find. 
DML member Heinrich Mallison has been awarded the Premio Internacional
de Investigación en Paleontología [International Prize in Palaeontology
Research], 'Paleonturología 2011',  given by Dinópolis, the joint
Fundación Paleontológico de Teruel-Dinópolis and the Fundación Teruel
Siglo XXI [joint Paleontology Foundation of Teruel-Dinópolis and the
Twenty-First Century Foundation Teruel] in Spain. The prize of 4,500
euros honors his research into reconstructing Plateosaurus using digital

For more about the annual prize:

Congratulations to Heinrich Mallison!