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Re: Deinonychus claw use and origin of flapping

On 12/15/2011 1:52 AM, Tim Williams wrote:

Fowler, D.W., Freedman, E.A., Scannella, J.B.&  Kambic, R.E. (2011)
The Predatory Ecology of Deinonychus and the Origin of Flapping in Birds.
PLoS ONE 6(12): e28964.

(3) The "stability flapping" behavior suggested as part of RPR is
consistent with a "flapping-first" hypothesis of the origin of avian
flight.  But isn't this at odds with Senter's (2006) work which
inferred that flapping came late to birds, because the scapular
orientation in non-ornithoracean paravians precluded a full stroke?

That would seem to be the case.

It is an elegant and clever idea, nonetheless.