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Re: Deinonychus claw use and origin of flapping

Anthony Docimo <keenir@hotmail.com> wrote:

>  so you don't think dinosaurs could handle slopes,

Of course dinosaurs could handle slopes.  But *as well* as goats can...?

> and you don't think dinosaurs could handle trees.

I never said that.  I said I want evidence.  More than just "Why not?"

>  see bottom of the post.  I never said unscalable terrain - I said uneven 
> terrain.  you know...hills.  mountains both high and low.

You've gone off on a tangent here.  The ability to negotiate narrow
ledges and very steep terrain also makes goats adept at climbing
trees.  This is not the same as walking up a hill.

Plus, did I mention that goats are mammals?  Yes, I think I did.  ;-)

>  amphibious, maybe...but not specialized for an aquatic life (like manatees 
> are)

In this context, "aquatic" vs "amphibious" is a distinction without a
difference.  Check out Liu et al. (2008; PNAS 105: 5786-5791).  The
point is that early proboscideans like _Moeritherium_ are inferred to
have spent most of their time in water.

>  sure.  but *hills*?

What have "hills" got to do with it?  The ability to climb up a hill
is not the same as the ability to climb up a tree.