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Dicynodon revised in SVP Memoir

From: Ben Creisler
A non-dinosaur, but may be of interest to DML members:
Christian F. Kammerer, Kenneth D. Angielczyk & Jörg Fröbisch (2011)
A comprehensive taxonomic revision of Dicynodon (Therapsida, Anomodontia) and 
its implications for dicynodont phylogeny, biogeography, and biostratigraphy.
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 31, Supplement 1: 1-158
The dicynodont wastebasket genus Dicynodon is revised following a comprehensive 
review of nominal species. Most nominal species of Dicynodon pertain to other 
well-known dicynodont genera, especially Oudenodon and Diictodon. Of the Karoo 
Permian species that are referable to "Dicynodon" sensu lato, we recognize four 
common, valid morphospecies: Dicynodon lacerticeps, D. leoniceps, D. woodwardi, 
and Dinanomodon gilli, comb. nov. Eleven additional species of "Dicynodon" are 
recognized worldwide: D. alticeps, D. amalitzkii, D. bathyrhynchus, D. 
benjamini, D. bogdaensis, D. huenei, D. limbus, D. sinkianensis, D. traquairi, 
D. trautscholdi, and D. vanhoepeni. Morphometric analysis of D. lacerticeps and 
D. leoniceps specimens recovers statistically significant separation between 
these species in snout profile and squamosal shape, supporting their 
distinction. A new phylogenetic analysis of Anomodontia reveals that 
"Dicynodon" is polyphyletic, necessitating
 taxonomic revision at the generic level. D. benjamini and D. limbus are basal 
cryptodonts, whereas the other valid "Dicynodon" species are basal 
dicynodontoids. The genus Dicynodon is restricted to D. lacerticeps and D. 
huenei. We reinstate use of Daptocephalus, Sintocephalus, Turfanodon, 
Daqingshanodon, Jimusaria, and Gordonia for other species. We synonymize 
Vivaxosaurus permirus and Dicynodon trautscholdi (as V. trautscholdi, comb. 
nov.) We establish new generic names for several species formerly included in 
Dicynodon: Peramodon amalitzkii, comb. nov., Keyseria benjamini, comb. nov., 
Euptychognathus bathyrhynchus, comb. nov., Syops vanhoepeni, comb. nov., and 
Basilodon woodwardi, comb. nov. Of the main Karoo Permian taxa, Dicynodon, 
Basilodon, and Dinanomodon range throughout the Cistecephalus and Dicynodon 
assemblage zones, but Daptocephalus is restricted to the Dicynodon Assemblage 
A dicynodont-related news story based on an article in the Journal of 
Vertebrate Paleontology back in September.Tasmanian Dicynodont revealed
based on: