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Theropod tracks (Irenesauripus) from Cretaceous of Guizhou Province

From: Ben Creisler
Many thanks to Xing Lida for bringing this new paper to my attention:
 Lida Xing, Jerald D. Harris, Gerard D. Gierliński, Weiming
Wang, Zhiyong Wang & Daqing Li (2011) 
Middle Cretaceous Non-avian Theropod Trackways from the
Southern Margin of the Sichuan Basin, China. 
Acta Palaeontologica Sinica 50(4): 470-480  
pdf available at: http://www.xinglida.net/list20052009.htm
AbstractHere we describe seven non-avian theropod trackways from the Baoyuan 
track site in the mid-Cretaceous Wotoushan Formation (Jiaguan Formation) in the 
Chishui area, Guizhou Province, China. Preliminary palynological analysis 
indicates Late Cretaceous age not earlier than Cenomanian at the oldest. 
Footprints at the site pertain to cf. Irenesauripus isp. Most tracks preserve 
partial metatarsal pads that are not distinct from their respecitve 
metatarsophalangeal regions. Severtal elongate digit impressions may indicate 
that digit II of the track maker possessed a long claw, longer than on any of 
the other digits. Most notably, the Wotoushan (Jiaguan) fauna lacks sauropods 
and is dominated instead by theropods and ornithopods.