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Re: Last Dinosaur of 2011

I'm still incredibly skeptical about the validity of Spinops as a
distinct taxon from Centrosaurus.


Michael O'Sullivan

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>>> Jaime Headden  31/12/11 9:16 AM >>>

_Acta Palaeontologica Polonica_ released it's final issue of the year,
right at the end of it. This issue contains one new dinosaurian taxon --
an ornithischian -- and two discussions of other named dinosaurian taxa,
one sauropod and one ornithischian.

Farke et al. describe what is likely the official last dinosaur named
for year 2011: *Spinops sternbergorum,* meaning that at least the date
"2011" won't need to be changed to "2012". It also means that *Spinops
sternbergorum* caps out the Year of the Ceratopsian and its plethora of
new taxa. (Farke et al., pdf here:
supplemental info here:

Little mentioned, however, is the cranial osteology and ontogeny
described for *Saurolophus angustirostris* by Phil Bell (pdf here:

And of course, Denver Fowler and Bob Sullivan provide new remains
attributed to *Alamosaurus sanjuanensis* which project it at truly
top-of-the-sauropod size. I remain skeptical over assigning material not
only with ontogenetic differences of gross size and material composition
from holotypes, especially holotypes base don juveniles (or teeth).
However, the work itself substantiates a sauropodan-sized animal, and
that's nothing to shake a brachiosaur at. (Pdf here:

Congrats for coming in at the end, and making it just barely before
2012. Hopefully more stuff can be produced before it all ends in May!


Jaime A. Headden
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