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Re: Paleontology and Dinosaurology 101: What layperson MUST to know about?

Yup, what Dr. Holtz said.

That summary perfectly answered the question as I understood it: what
is the basic understanding of paleontology an educated person should
have? And it made a GREAT case for why the Mesozoic is particularly
important. As I work today, I look out my window at my dogwood tree,
where several species of birds and one particularly tenacious squirrel
feed. Understanding the ties of this scene to the Mesozoic deepens
this simple pleasure considerably. That's a persuasive feeling: it's
what made Cosmos such a popular series.



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On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 11:09 AM, Raptorial Talon
<raptorialtalon@gmail.com> wrote:
> /applauds Dr. Holtz's post/
> I wish scientists in any given field could collectively decide on a
> "mission statement" of what is most critical about their field for the
> public to know, maybe staggered in varying levels of detail, so that a
> consistent response supported by a lot of voices could be delivered
> into the mainstream. Anti-science voices are far more organized and
> media-savvy overall and far more on-point during their time on the
> airwaves, and I have to think it would be highly beneficial if they
> could be matched soundbite for soundbite . . .