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Re: cause of Gigantism in sauropods

>Try saber-toothed cats instead, in particular the cookie cutter cat 
>>*Xenosmilus* (...and apparently the non-cat *Barbourofelis*). I'm trying >to 
>say the strategy of killing by inflicting random bleeding large wounds >looks 
>scaleable to me.

Um, would you be implying that sabertooths hunted by inflicting large
bleeding wounds with random slashing attacks? Because that would have
snapped the teeth out of their skulls right quick . . . a precision
"shear bite" to the trachea and surrounding blood vessels is much more
likely, with the massively developed forequarters of such predators
being used to hold prey as still as possible to avoid the torque that
would otherwise easily damage the teeth.

Although I do think the random bleeding wounds hypothesis actually may
hold for at least some large theropods, especially since large canids
hunt this way to some extent and they're closer in gross skull
morphology than are big felids.