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save the Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences

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From: "Shimada, Kenshu" <KSHIMADA@depaul.edu>
To: "vrtpaleo@usc.edu" <VRTPALEO@usc.edu>, <dinosaur@usc.edu>,
Cc: <wmahito@pop16.odn.ne.jp>, <moldavicum@pa2.so-net.ne.jp>

Hi everyone,

I have learned that the Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences in Japan
is at a very high risk to close its operation and lose its staff due to
its financial trouble.  As many of you know, Hayashibara Museum has
grown to be an internationally renowned institution on dinosaur
research, particularly those from Mongolia.  Apparently, the legal
matter concerning the possible closure of the museum is moving extremely
rapidly.  Its museum staff has asked me to help soliciting as many
supporting letters as possible from people in the paleontological
community to save the museum and its staff.  The letter should be
addressed to the company president, Mr. Shigeharu Fukuda, and the letter
should emphasize the museum's scientific contributions and its
importance to Mongolian dinosaur research.  Please send your letter ASAP
(within the next 15 hours if all possible) to Dr. Mahito Watabe at
moldavicum@pa2.so-net.ne.jp.  Some critical executive meetings to
determine the fate of the museum will take place in the next 30 hours,
so this is an extremely time-sensitive matter.  If you can print a
letter on an institutional cover sheet and send Dr. Watabe a JPG or PDF
scan of the letter, that would be the best.  However, even a message as
a simple e-mail text will help Dr. Watabe to compile letters to be
presented to the attorney he is working with.  Thank you very much in
advance for your help!

P.S.  In order to facilitate the process, below is my letter I just sent
to Dr. Watabe, that you can use as a template:

"Dear President Fukuda,

I am writing this letter in response to the proposed closure of the
Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences.  The Hayashibara Museum is an
internationally renowned paleontological museum that is recognized as
one of the leading institutions in dinosaur research.  As far as
research on Mongolian dinosaurs goes, I believe it is among the top
three museums in the entire world, and it has made tremendous scientific
contributions over the past 10+ years.  As such, not only the closure of
the Hayashibara Museum will be a major blow to the scientific
advancement of dinosaurs, it will also tarnish the great reputation of
Japanese scientific research in which your staff members have diligently
built over the years.  In addition, it will also damage the image of the
name "Hayashibara" now well-recognized by the international
paleontologicial community.  For these reasons, I would like to extend
my deepest wishes to save the operation of the museum and all the
associated staff positions.  Thank you very much for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,"

Kenshu Shimada, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Environmental Science Program
  and Department of Biological Sciences
DePaul University
2325 N. Clifton Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614, USA
Research Associate in Paleontology
Sternberg Museum of Natural History
Fort Hays State University
3000 Sternberg Drive
Hays, Kansas 67601, USA