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Re: cause of Gigantism in sauropods

On 2/10/2011 5:57 PM, Raptorial Talon wrote:

I do note that giant theropods tend to come from the same ecosystems
as giant sauropods; rarely is this not the case. If being big allows a
theropod to kill a sauropod more easily, we would expect to see giant
theropods cropping up alongside smaller sauropods before seeing giant
sauropods alongside giant theropods

I am sorry to go back on my word here, but this is COMPLETELY illogical.

Just to be clear -- you are claiming that the association of giant these (predator) and giant thoses (prey) is actually evidence they did NOT evolve in tandem? No typo here?


Further -- YOU might expect to see a predator evolve to a size larger than it needs to be just because the kill itself is 'easier'(thereby outracing the prey in the predator-prey relationship), but I certainly would not.

Could you clarify exactly who "we" is?