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Re: The Only _Scelidosaurus_ in the Western Hemisphere

How is it applied in terms of New World and Old World primates?


On 2/11/2011 1:12 PM, Paul P wrote:
You sure your teachers told you that? If so, you should hunt
them down.

"Western Hemisphere" does indeed mean west of the Greenwich
Meridian, but no one's going to arrest you for using it to
refer to the New World (which is what i think you meant to
say). That's a pretty loose term too. :)

--- On Fri, 2/11/11, Jerry D. Harris<jharris@dixie.edu>  wrote:

From: Jerry D. Harris<jharris@dixie.edu>
Subject: Re: The Only _Scelidosaurus_ in the Western Hemisphere
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Date: Friday, February 11, 2011, 11:01 AM

Not wanting to nit-pick, but I've fairly sure Dorset
is in the
Western Hemisphere. It's certainly west of the
Greenwich Meridian.
Or does the Western Hemisphere mean something
different in the US?

      Well, I was always taught that it
meant North and South America -- more or less equivalent to
"New World"...did my teachers lie to me?

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