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Re:Interview with Greg Paul

It is rather appropriate that the photo in the Sun article happens to 
include the first four professional images I did back in 77, albeit heavily 
modernized, and the framed versions are high quality machine copies the 
being in storage. 

As for those who are interested the models in the top row are Griffon 
powered tandem hypotheticals, on the next row down are P-51 hypotheticals with 
Griffons and in 5 bladed or 6 bladed (contra) props, next row down are 
historial Griffon Spitfires, below them a Korean (not WW II) Seafire and Sea 
with a hypothetical Wasp Major powered Hellcat with 5 bladed prop cut in 
half, and finally a couple of Raidens one with a hypothetical 5 bladed prop and 
a historical Shiden partly cut off. 

One reason I am still in this apt is because after looking about on 
occasion I have found it is difficult to find an equivalent in the area. It is 
three blocks from the Hopkins library. It is tucked out of the way on the 3rd 
floor with a private entrance. Big wondows face west for the incoming 
T-storms, sunsets and since they recovered from West Nile enormous winter crow 
flocks that roost in the street trees so yu have to be careful parking the cars 
(there is also a large hawk population in the area now, a big female 
broadtail had to be rescued after it smashed one of the library windows a few 
weeks ago). It is unusually large for a rowhouse top floor apartment and also 
has a porch with a big tree out back that is very nice to sit on late night in 
the warm months (I used to have a black cat, and when she joined me there 
to survey the nighttime world I called her the dark spectre). In any case I 
have not paid rent since the summer because the Remax landlord was forclosed 
(I suspect he was underwater) and Fannie Mae has never gotten around to 
sending a lease (I suspect this property is low on their backlog list and 
someone here keeps the property from deteriorating), so I am not 
complaining right now. 

As for the comment on how paleos are being treated, I am about to put 
together major announcements and proposals intended to dramatically change the 
way myself and artists and scientists in general interact with one another the 
people who control to money in assorted dinosaur projects. I am really 
ticked off and am not going to take it anymore. Nor should the rest of us.