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Re: cause of Gigantism in sauropods

2011/2/13 Augusto Haro <augustoharo@gmail.com>:

> Gregory Paul (in Predatory Dinosaurs of the World) indicated
> that theropod bones are denser than in other dinosaurs; if this is
> true for sauropods: can the animal with less dense bone, in virtue of
> its greater velocity, break the denser bones of its antagonist easier
> than getting his own bones broken?

Although, perhaps the sauropod is to be less harmed if hitting a
smaller theropod with its neck because its bones are supposed to be
thicker (theropods also have pneumatic bones)... As you can see I am
not good in mechanics so can't decide which factor was more
important... (and ask you please for some citation of a good or
fundamental introductory book on material mechanics of use in
vertebrate biology).