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Re: Egyptian Plovers and similar symbiosis

On 15 February 2011 20:51, Scott Hartman <skeletaldrawing@gmail.com> wrote:
> So, I'm sure most of the DML readers have heard of the "Egyptian
> Plover cleaning the teeth of Nile crocs" bit, and I further expect
> most know that this behavior is at best undocumented, at worst a myth.
> The question I have for you all is: does anyone know of any hard facts
> documenting the plover/croc behavior?  Failing that, what similar
> forms of behavioral symbiosis can you think of that are in fact
> documented?  The closest I could come up with is an oxpecker feeding
> off the backs of large mammals, but that's not really all that close.

For anyone who's not seen it (I guess you have, Scott), Darren Naish's
Tetrapod Zoology post on the role of oxpeckers was a real eye-opener:

-- Mike.