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Re: Human male infertility, the Y chromosome, and dinosaur extinction

 Hi, folks

 Did you notice it?

No, but why should we? It's just another failure of peer review. Probably a failure of the editors to find competent reviewers -- the name of the journal sounds like it's only about humans.

 The [untested and probably untestable] absence of such a genetic sex
 determining mechanism in dinosaurs may have led to a skewed sex ratio
 when global temperature dramatically changed 65,000,000 years ago,
 resulting in a preponderance of males, and consequentially a rapid
 decline in population.

For crying out loud, this crackpottery is not even new! It's been out there for _decades_!

I can go at length into why it's crackpottery. Is anyone interested? Probably it has all been discussed on this list several times already.