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Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Pterosaurs

Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Pterosaurs,
Beijing, 5-10 August, 2010.

We are pleased to announce that an entire issue of Acta Geologica Sinica, vol. 
86(1), devoted to pterosaurs will be published in February 2012. While 
primarily intended for papers presented at the Flugsaurier meeting held in 
Beijing in August 2010, other contributions on pterosaurs, or related matters 
(e.g. the age, palaeoenvironment and biota’s of important pterosaur bearing 
deposits) not presented at the meeting are also very welcome. To allow 
sufficient time for refereeing and production of final versions of manuscripts 
the deadline for submission is July 31, 2011. For details of MS formatting 
please visit the Acta Geologica Sinica website: 
 Please note that the page limit quoted on the website does not apply to the 
Flugsaurier volume, but if you intend to submit a large MS (50 pages or more) 
please contact the editors first. Manuscripts should be submitted to Lü 
Junchang or Dave Unwin and NOT to Acta Geol. Sinica. Preferably, the initial 
submission should be as a single PDF containing all text, figures and tables. 
Alternatively, MS can be submitted as Word files with figures as JPEGS. Details 
of formats for submission of the final version of MS will be sent to authors 
upon acceptance of their paper. The editors welcome any enquiries regarding the 
forthcoming volume and invite all those interested in contributing to the 
volume to send us a short email indicating their interest and likely submission 

The Editors: Flugsaurier 2010

Lü Junchang
Email: lujc2008@126.com; Yilong2010@gmail.com
Institute of Geology
Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
Beijing 100037
Tel: 00861068999707;

Dave Unwin
Email: dmu1@leicester.ac.uk
School of Museum Studies
University of Leicester
19 University Road
Leicester LE1 2LG
Tel: +44 (0) 116 252 3947