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Re: What did Spinosaurus eat? New species of Lepidotes found

On 02/20/2011 10:18 PM, Tim Williams wrote:

The evidence that spinosaurids were semi-aquatic now seems pretty
compelling, especially in light of isotopic data.  While on the topic
of semi-aquatic theropods, there is also Andrea Cau's hypothesis that
the Madagascan abelisaurid _Majungasaurus_ was also semi-aquatic.  The
topic was thrashed out in Darren Naish's blog a few years ago.


Note in particular Andrea's comments in support (e.g., #17) and
Darren's comment #29, in which he concedes that relatively minor
osteological changes in certain non-avian theropod taxa might indicate
semi-aquatic habits.

Also see my Comment #3 on that thread:


Environmentally, there weren't many places for a large aquatic theropod to live.