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Re: What did Spinosaurus eat? New species of Lepidotes found

Perhaps it is not so impossible to hypothesize a semiaquatic large
theropod if it lives in a relatively small area as Madagascar or the
European islands. I do not say nimbly swimming like an otter, but
wading searching for whatever the sea brings close to the coast, or
some slow sea creature that ventures close to the coast. This way, it
may assure relying in a greater amount of resource. If the area was
small, trying to get some extra food from inland water sources as
rivers and slow waters may be also expectable, especially if they dry,
with a larger concentration of dying fishes. Also, water does not only
have fast fish.

Finally, there is the possibility of migration though the sea, which
is performed by both the largest crocodiles and monitor lizards (and,
although not entirely comparable, also the largest mammals, as the
elephants), perhaps facing food shortages, because of they being
large, need a proportionally larger amount of resource, mostly because
of being carnivores with smaller densities (and expectably larger
foraging areas) than herbivorous dinosaurs.