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Re: What did Spinosaurus eat? New species of Lepidotes found

I read Andrew's precision that Madagascar was seasonally arid in
Majungasaurus' times. May this be a further drive for a carnivore to
look for the animal production of the hypothetically less stressed
water resources? In a recent documentary, I heard about brown hyenas
which travel around the coasts in order to kill young pinnipeds... If
some marine reptiles frequented the coast, the dinosaur may have had a
similar behavior.

2011/2/21 Augusto Haro <augustoharo@gmail.com>:
> Perhaps it is not so impossible to hypothesize a semiaquatic large
> theropod if it lives in a relatively small area as Madagascar or the
> European islands. I do not say nimbly swimming like an otter, but
> wading searching for whatever the sea brings close to the coast, or
> some slow sea creature that ventures close to the coast. This way, it
> may assure relying in a greater amount of resource. If the area was
> small, trying to get some extra food from inland water sources as
> rivers and slow waters may be also expectable, especially if they dry,
> with a larger concentration of dying fishes. Also, water does not only
> have fast fish.
> Finally, there is the possibility of migration though the sea, which
> is performed by both the largest crocodiles and monitor lizards (and,
> although not entirely comparable, also the largest mammals, as the
> elephants), perhaps facing food shortages, because of they being
> large, need a proportionally larger amount of resource, mostly because
> of being carnivores with smaller densities (and expectably larger
> foraging areas) than herbivorous dinosaurs.