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PhyloPic: An Open Database of Silhouettes

I've launched a new site which may be of interest to DML members:

It's an open database of reusable silhouettes (all available under
Creative Commons licenses), each linked to one or more taxonomic
names. You can do phylogenetic searches, so that, for example, if you
need an image of Liaoceratops yanzigouensis, it might not have one,
but with one click it'll find the closest match (currently a
silhouette for Neoceratopsia).

The site is in public alpha, which means it's incomplete* and has a
few known issues. And it only has about a hundred silhouettes right
now. But I think there's good potential here.

Check it out, or read more here:

(Unless directly related to dinosaur phylogeny or something, followup
comments should probably be sent to me offlist.)
T. Michael Keesey
Technical Consultant and Developer, Flex Specialist
Glendale, California

* For one thing, I plan to add an automated cladogram generator: put
in a Newick string, get an illustrated cladogram!