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Coelacanths--time for a review book?

All the buzz about the coelacanth photos in Nat Geog got me thinking that the 
new information about the distribution of modern coelacanths, photos of living 
individuals, etc. might make a review of what we know about the anatomy and 
biology of the living forms, and a review of the evolution, functional 
morphology, and paleobiology of fossil forms, a timely contribution to the 

What I am thinking of is a book-length treatment (call it something like 
_Evolution and Biology of the Coelacanths_) written to usefully review the 
literature for specialists, but also to be accessible to ichthyologists, marine 
biologists, and paleontologists who don't work on coelacanths, as well as 
students and the intelligent lay reader willing to work a bit. If anybody out 
there knows somebody who might be interested in such a project, please contact