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13th Annual PaleoFest at Burpee

Hey Gang,

Just a reminder that Burpee's 13th Annual PaleoFest event is fast
approaching.  The March 5th and 6th (Sat/Sun) event will focus on
Gondwana.  We will have talks from paleontologists working in
Antarctica, Australia, India, Madagascar, South American, and
North/South Africa.  Our keynote/dinner speaker is Dr. Paul Sereno. 

This year's PF is held in conjunction with GIANTS: African Dinosaurs
exhibit.  If you get a sec check out the timelapse video/youtube of us
installing Jobaria at our local CherryVale Mall.  It was too tall for
our new addition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXdTqTXVTuU 

Visit www.burpee.org for more details.  

Scott Williams
Burpee Museum