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RE: What did Spinosaurus eat? New species of Lepidotes found

>  There are, in fact, some live-bearing geckos (one species in
>  Rhacodactylus, and some in Hoplodactylus; perhaps others).

ARGH! Sorry! Yes, there are -- but hard eggshells are restricted to a
clade within Gekkota, and the live-bearing ones are all outside that
clade, AFAIK.

All the livebearing geckos of NZ and NCaledonia are diplodactylines (which are 
likely more closely related to pygopod legless-lizards than to other geckoes) 
which are notable for laying pairs of soft-shelled uncalcified eggs (assuming 
they are not ovo-viviparous). Gekkoine geckoes are the ones with the calcified 
eggs (and thus have never delved into livebearing).


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