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Paper request: Postosuchus skull described

If someone can share this paper, I would be most thankfull

Le 24/02/2011 21:20, bh480@scn.org a écrit :
From: Ben Creisler

A new paper that may be of interest from the Feb 2011 issue of Paleobios--I
don't have the full ref with doi and page numbers, unfortunately.

Weinbaum, J.C. (2011)
The skull of Postosuchus kirkpatricki (Archosauria: Paracrocodyliformes)
from the Upper Triassic of the United States.
Paleobio 30(1):            (February 18, 2011)

The skull of Postosuchus kirkpatricki Chatterjee 1985 is known from the
holotype and paratype specimens along with disassociated skull elements
from several Triassic localities in the southwestern and eastern United
States. Recent preparation of the holotype skull allows for more careful
examination of the cranial elements and comparison with related taxa. This
description indicates that Postosuchus shares several previously
unrecognized synapomorphies with crocodylomorphs, including fossae and
foramina in the dermatocranium that are not present in other basal
pseudosuchians. The sutural arrangements of the skull of Postosuchus
presented in this paper differ considerably from previous descriptions, due
in part to the reassignment of what was previously considered the
prefrontal to the palpebral bone. Also, further preparation of skull
elements revealed morphologies that differ from previous descriptions. This
new description also indicates a close relationship with Polonosuchus
silesiacus Sulej 2005. The only autapomorphic characters of the skull are a
distinct, rounded lateral ridge on the maxilla and a foramen present in a
large fossa on the anteromedial surface of the maxilla.

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