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Paleo Workshop for Los Angeles-Area Educators

See below, and feel free to pass on to anyone you know who might be interested. This is our third year of offering the workshop, after several very successful previous sessions. Please direct any responses to my work email (afarke@webb.org), rather than to this gmail account.

Are you, or is someone you know, a K-12 public school educator interested in learning more about paleontology? If so, consider attending our free workshop at the Alf Museum!

The Paleontology for Educators Workshop is a two-day workshop providing K-12 teachers with a hands-on introduction to paleontology, the study of past life. Each session includes a short course on paleontology, evolution, and earth science, with the aim of illustrating how to present this material in an interactive way to students. Each participant will gain experience in paleontological museum methods, within the setting of an accredited museum. A âPaleontology in the Classroomâ book of activities and teaching kit will be given to each participant and made available online. The museum will also make available âclassroom kitsâ for check-out, including real and replica fossils for use in activities in the classroom. The workshop is hosted at the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology (www.alfmuseum.org), located 30 miles east of Los Angeles in Claremont, in the only accredited natural history museum on a secondary school campus. There is *no cost* to attend this workshop (including all materials, lunch, and snacks), and funding is provided to reimburse school districts for the cost of hiring substitute teachers for workshop participants. Workshop dates include: Thurs.-Fri., Jan. 13-14, 2011; Thurs.-Fri., Feb. 3-4, 2011; Mon.-Tues., Mar. 14-15, 2011; and Thurs.-Fri., Apr. 14-15, 2011. For registration information or other questions, please contact museum curator Andy Farke (afarke@webb.org).ï