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three new papers on patagonian dinosaurs

Dear list members,

I take this opportunity to introduce three new works on dinosaurs of
Patagonia, Argentina.

The first one refers to the description of new species Traukutitan
eocaudata, which represents a basal relictual titanosaur from the
Santonian Bajo de la Carpa Formation, of Neuquén Argentina. It has
previously known as the unnamed titanosaur of anfiplatyan tail.

Revision of MUCPv 204, a Senonian basal titanosaur from northern Patagonia.
Juárez Valieri, R.D. & Calvo, J.O.

The second concerns biostratigraphic aspects of dinosaur faunas from
Patagonia, mainly in northwestern Neuquén Basin.

Sauropods crossing formations: biostratigraphical implications for
patagonian faunal assemblages.
Juárez Valieri, R.D.; Calvo, J.O. & Ríos Díaz, S.

The third deals with a review of carnivorous dinosaur Ekrixinatosaurus
novasi, which is considered here as a giant form in the group of
abelisaurs, and that coexisted with the large Carcharodontosaurs as
Giganotosaurus, then refuting the theory that implies only a grew of
abelisaurs later to the extinction of these Carcharodonsaurs.

New information on Ekrixinatosaurus novasi Calvo et al. 2004, a giant
and massively-constructed Abelisauroid from the “Middle-Cretaceous” of
Juárez Valieri, R.D.; Porfiri, J.D. & Calvo, J.O.

The works are now in corrected proof, so excuse the errors. When i
recive the final version can be sent upon request.

Greetings, Rubén.

Rubén Darío Juárez Valieri
General Roca - Río Negro
Patagonia Argentina