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Re: Is Nectocaris pteryx a cephalopod? No...

>>  So, in short, Dawid Mazurek and Micha³ Zatoñ have an interesting
>>  paper in press and you can download it here:
>>  http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1502-3931.2010.00253.x
> Nope, it's behind a paywall, and there's no abstract.
> So, what is it? An anomalocaridid?
No definite decision, but yes:

"Therefore, at the
present time, it would be safer to consider Nectocaris pteryx as Din-
ocaridida incertae sedis (Collins 1996). We, however, refrain from
doing so at this moment, waiting for more information on the evo-
lution and diversity of anomalocaridids and their relatives, to be
established. "

Similar thoughts were voiced back in May in the blogosphere: