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Jurassic Park 4 Filming?

Hmmm.  Link has three pictures, the most pertinent one being a shot of
the "shooting schedule board" listing JP4 and which stages are being


It started as a simple, "Hey, look at the shooting board!" comment. Then it was a quick iPhone picture that Rick snapped for our Twitter feed.

As we posted it and walked further into Universal Studios Hollywood, Rick West speculated, "If this is true - how come no one has posted about this or said anything? This would be huge, wouldn't it?"
First of all, the image is legitimate. We went to Universal Studios Hollywood this weekend for a birthday trip for Rick - not to scoop what could be the hottest entertainment-related tweet around. And certainly not to doctor a photograph to read Jurassic Park. Besides, other sites have gone and have produced the same image with their own cameras. It is indeed, legitimate.

Now, whether or not Jurassic Park 4 is in production at Universal or not - that is the million dollar question. No one has heard of this thing going into production. No one. Usually, Hollywood can't keep a secret this big from spilling. But, stranger things have happened, we suppose.
The shooting schedule board is always legitimate and to our knowledge, has never posted erroneous information; so why now?