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RE: Jurassic Park 4 Filming?

See, a lot of people in the Jurassic Park fan community (on JPLegacy at
least) are kind of "up-in-arms" about it with regards to not knowing what to
believe. A few that I know of have gotten used to the fact that there'd be
no new film and to just continue on with fan works and supporting the
badly-drawn IDW project and the new TellTale Games project. I believe the
picture is legitimate, but the question you pose is the same very question I
ask. Why wouldn't Universal make an announcement on their PR wire about

I think it may be simpler than that. Universal has been seemingly testing
the market lately for a fourth film by the bits of Jurassic merchandise
that's escaped and making it out there now. It started with IDW's
announcement for the Jurassic Park Comic and then eventually moved to the
JP2009 Toyline that was exclusive to Toys R Us stores. Then you have the
announcement from TellTale Games about a video game entry into the
franchise. Not to mention in an article with Game Informer it looks like
that Universal doesn't want the game to just be "another" shooter and
judging from the screen shots I've seen of it from the magazine they're
paying attention to the environments from the first film (and thankfully the
colorations of the animals). Continuity has always been the biggest issue
with the JP franchise. So in my opinion I think Universal is testing the
market with this to gauge a reaction on the press end now. People do want

Either way, fourth film or not or if this is the indication of I think
things are going to be a bit exciting in the future. I'm glad that they
haven't forgotten about the fans.

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Hmmm.  Link has three pictures, the most pertinent one being a shot of
the "shooting schedule board" listing JP4 and which stages are being


It started as a simple, "Hey, look at the shooting board!" comment. Then 
it was a quick iPhone picture that Rick snapped for our Twitter feed.

As we posted it and walked further into Universal Studios Hollywood, Rick 
West speculated, "If this is true - how come no one has posted about this 
or said anything? This would be huge, wouldn't it?"
First of all, the image is legitimate. We went to Universal Studios 
Hollywood this weekend for a birthday trip for Rick - not to scoop what 
could be the hottest entertainment-related tweet around. And certainly not 
to doctor a photograph to read Jurassic Park. Besides, other sites have 
gone and have produced the same image with their own cameras. It is 
indeed, legitimate.

Now, whether or not Jurassic Park 4 is in production at Universal or not - 
that is the million dollar question. No one has heard of this thing going 
into production. No one. Usually, Hollywood can't keep a secret this big 
from spilling. But, stranger things have happened, we suppose.
The shooting schedule board is always legitimate and to our knowledge, has 
never posted erroneous information; so why now?