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Spielberg's TV Dino Drama "Terra Nova"

("dino drama" has a nice ring to it)


The Hollywood Reporter's David Strick had exclusive access to the set of Fox's Steven Spielberg-produced dinosaur drama, Terra Nova, and offers a look at what's in store for the upcoming primetime action drama.

The series, written by 24 and Star Trek: Voyager, Next Generation and Enterprise alum Brannon Braga, centers on a family that travels back in time to prehistoric Earth in a daring experiment to save the human race. It co-stars Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang, who are featured here in the above photograph shooting a scene for the big-budget project that will use CGI dinosaurs and green-screen technology to recreate the prehistoric world.
Terra Nova will debut with two hour-long episodes on May 23 and 24 before beginning its regular run in the fall.