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RE: Jurassic Park 4 Filming?

Dan Pigdon Wrote:
>> Given the increasing progression of awfullness from I to III (the first
>> being ground-breaking, the 
>> second watchable but unremarkable, the third disappointing), here's
>>hoping that IV (if it has to happen at all) goes quietly straight to DVD. 

>> Although given the precedents set by the first three movies, it will no
>>doubt go loudly squawking 
>> and roaring straight to DVD...

While I'll be the first to admit the third is terrible when compared to the
first and the second films I really doubt the Fourth is going to end up as a
Straight-to-DVD release. To Universal the "Jurassic Park" series is still a
cash-cow even if they aren't utilizing the property at the moment. The
third, while disliked by most, actually did remarkably well at the box
office with a lot of positive reviews by film critics during its release
making at least worldwide of $369 million and $181 million domestically. JP3
did not come close to breaking or making its original budget back during the
opening weekend with ($50 million versus 93 million), but it generally had
positive reviews. "Jurassic Parkers" (yeah, fan following out there) and a
lot of people dislike the third film for a lack of story, but the general
public? Well they loved the third film because it got "straight to the

I don't think they're going to look for a straight-to-DVD release. That
market just simply isn't there anymore considering we have things like
NetFlix and ITunes now that show digital download is preferred with today's
media on the go. You'd sadly and sooner see it on television as a "SyFy
original pictures presents" instead since NBC Universal owns that property
as well. I highly doubt that future given the good reviews JP3 with the
general public. 

There's been too much "Jurassic Buzz" with the game from TellTale, the IDW
Comics, and the toyline as of late. If the fourth film goes directly to DVD
or SyFy gets it I am going to be shocked actually.

Let's hope if the fourth film is made though that they actually explain the
inaccurate animals as different version numbers to make the dinosaurs "more
realistic for their time" as they do in the novels. It'd be nice definitely
if the fourth elaborated something called a story and plot instead of
"Dinosaur AHHHH!" *run* like the third one so cleverly (sarcasm) did.

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