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New Epachthosaurus paper (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

In case this new paper has not been mentioned yet. (Note 
that the pdf is free but the paper is in Portuguese.)

Gabriel Casal & Lucio Ibiricu (2010)
Assignable material to Epachthosaurus Powell, 1990 
(Sauropoda: Titanosauria), from the Bajo Barreal 
Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Chubut, Argentina Gabriel 
Casal & Lucio Ibiricu
September/Dezember 2010

This paper describes materials recovered from levels of 
the Bajo Barreal Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Ranch 
Ocho Hermanos outcrops, Patagonia, Argentina. The 
materials include an anterior dorsal vertebra and pelvic 
elements. The large sized dorsal vertebra is assigned to 
the taxon Epachthosaurus based on the following 
diagnostic characters which are autapomorphic for the 
above mentioned taxon: strongly developed 
intraprezygapophyseal lamina, accessory articular 
processes extending ventrolaterally from the hyposphene, 
and aliform processes which project laterally from the 
dorsal margin of the spinodiapophyseal lamina. The 
incomplete sacrum has five sacral vertebrae and a portion 
of the right ilium and pubis. These materials are 
included within Titanosauria and tentatively pertain to 
Epachthosaurus. The study of the above mentioned 
materials is important because it increases our knowledge 
of the relative abundance of the taxon Epachthosaurus in 
Ocho Hermanos ranch outcrops. Furthermore, we propose a 
set of characters which allow the expansion of the 
generic diagnosis of Epachthosaurus.