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RE: Eodromaeus, new basal theropod from Triassic in Argentina

--- On Fri, 1/14/11, Jeff Hecht <jeff@jeffhecht.com> wrote:
> At 2:55 PM +0000 1/14/11, David Howlett wrote:
> >Interesting how the pop culture image of small
> predatory dinosaurs is slowly beginning to shift - did
> anyone else notice that the illustration in that article
> included a fuzzy layer of down? Obviously there is no
> evidence in the slightest for this, but it does demonstrate
> that the concept of feathered dinosaurs is becoming
> ubiquitous - amazing considering that even a decade ago
> there was still a lot of resistance to the idea in the
> mind's eye of the public!


*Ugh* yeah, it's annoying as crap. I don't think the illustration is a sign of 
the public's increasing acceptance of fuzz on dinosaurs. I believe it has more 
to do with the paleoart community, with many (if not most) of the high profile 
paleoartists preferring the fuzzy look over the scaly one.