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Re: Eodromaeus, new basal theropod from Triassic in Argentina

Rescued from truncation...

On 15.01.2011 18:59, Augusto Haro wrote:

As long as both squamous integument and "fuzz" may be reconstructed for
dinosaurs on the basis of bracketing (the first because of the state in
crocs, bird feet, ornithischians, sauropods, theropod Carnotaurus; the
second because of the state in pterosaurs, small ornithischians, and
coelurosaurs), it may be inferred that both were present, because they can
be both present as long as the organism is not covered by only one
integumental type. The question would be to which extent each integumental
type was present, which seems difficult to ascertain as we often do not have
complete integumental coverings. Of course, size may explain the extent of
each coverage.