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Re: When new ageism and palaeontology collide

 Ever thought 'Jurassic Park' would've been better if the musical
 score had been written by Enya?

Who is Enya?

I like the music (of the first part) just fine as it is. People even play it at excavations nowadays, and some even hum or sing it.

 If you answered 'yes', you're in for a treat: some chap has slowed
 down John William's theme music 1000 times

_Ten_ times. 1000 % = 10 x.

 If your home or workplace needs some
 new ageing-up with a palaeo-bend

Why would I need newage (rhymes with sewage) in my home or workplace? :-)


Not bad. But it's not better than at original speed. Maybe twice slower would be best.