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Re: Fwd: Eodromaeus, new basal theropod from Triassic in Argentina

 As for _Juravenator_, despite claims that the specimen preserves
 filaments under UV light, Chiappe and Goehlich's paper specifically
 states that what they found *might* be filaments. There preservation
 is slight, and only the tips are preserved. While they might be
 filaments, they might also just be preparation artifacts (sadly the
 figure they enclosed does not really show much of anything, though I
 suspect that this was bound to happen given the preservation).

This Sunday Göhlich will give a sort of guided tour through the museum here. It'll be about feathers, dinosaurs, birds, and pterosaurs... so I'll just ask, or perhaps she'll even bring it up herself.

 Avian tarsal scutes are scales.

Morphologically at least.