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RE: Alabama senator Hillary Herbert & birds with teeth

Check with Mark Jaffe on that.... he knows Marsh much better than most everyone 
else.   There were a few small items in the program which were slightly not 
right,  but on balance it was ok.   Cope did NOT die from kidney disease, for 
I was also a little uncomfortable with the Joseph Leidy "was such a gentleman 
he could not stomach the conflict between Cope and Marsh and so withdrew."  
Well....................  he was a gentleman,  but he had not enough money nor 
could he get it to compete with Cope and Marsh.    Cheers...   Jane D

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Subject: Alabama senator Hillary Herbert & birds with teeth

 I just watched the American Experience special called Dinosaur Wars about
Cope and Marsh. Towards the end, it mentioned that an Alabama senator
Hillary Herbert used Marsh's birds with teeth monograph as an example of
waste of taxpayers money. The USGS budget was ultimately cut
in half and the department of paleontology was eliminated. Does anyone
have any references about this story? Cutting science budgets has a long
history is the USA!


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