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RE: terminology

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>   If *Manospondylus* and *Manospondylus gigas* ever came up in
> contention for priority over *Tyrannosaurus* and *Tyrannosaurus rex*
> (respectively), you can bet your sweet [arse] that the governing
> bodies of appropriate appeal at the time (ICZN now, maybe PhyloCode as
> well down the road) will be petitioned to set aside the former two
> names to preserve the latter two. The other options available (to
> ignore as useless the former two names, or redesignation of a type
> specimen and thus reorganization of what the former two names refer
> to) are likely and unlikely (respectively) to be employed.
> Cheers,
> Jaime A. Headden


And let us remember: the Code serves Science, Science doesn't serve the Code.

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