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RE: Tibetan Sauropod Prints Attributed to Ancient King Gesar (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

This posting is a follow-up to an earlier one that had 
links to news stories about sauropod tracks found in 
Here's info on the official paper:

Xing Lida, Harris, J. D., and Currie, P. J (2011)
First record of dinosaur trackway from Tibet, China.
Geological Bulletin of China 30(1): 173-178 (2011)
Doi: 1671-2552(2011)01-0173-06

Three sauropod trackways comprise eight tracks that 
resemble Brontopodus tracks have been found at the Morong 
track site in Changdu Prefecture, Tibet, China. These 
wide- (or sub-wide)-gauge tracks suggest that there was a 
large sauropod, possibly a member of Titanosauriformes, 
in Changdu Prefecture during the Early-Middle Jurassic. 
The sauropod fauna from Changdu Prefecture, Tibet not 
only has elements in common with the sauropod fauna from 
the Sichuan Basin, but may include more diverse faunal 


The lead author Xing Lida has a website with a 
downloadable pdf along with other pdfs for articles about 
Chinese dinosaur tracks and pterosaurs.