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RE: Alabama senator Hillary Herbert & birds with teeth

Fellow dino-lovers:

That Dinosaur Wars American Experience was painful to watch. Its hodge-podging 
of dates and dis/dys linear plot (and I think it's being courteous to say it 
that way) show mere a lack of coherence.

If that was the way it was even vaguely, then how insular were we as a country. 
E. g. no university none were granting doctorates. Really?

This can be considered a cry for help.

Marc Bauer 


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> Check with Mark Jaffe on that.... he
> knows Marsh much better than most everyone
> else.   There were a few small items in the
> program which were slightly not right,  but on balance
> it was ok.   Cope did NOT die from kidney
> disease, for ex.
> I was also a little uncomfortable with the Joseph Leidy
> "was such a gentleman he could not stomach the conflict
> between Cope and Marsh and so withdrew." 
> Well....................  he was a gentleman,  but
> he had not enough money nor could he get it to compete with
> Cope and Marsh.    Cheers...   Jane
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> Subject: Alabama senator Hillary Herbert & birds with
> teeth
>  I just watched the American Experience special called
> Dinosaur Wars about
> Cope and Marsh. Towards the end, it mentioned that an
> Alabama senator
> Hillary Herbert used Marsh's birds with teeth monograph as
> an example of
> waste of taxpayers money. The USGS budget was ultimately
> cut
> in half and the department of paleontology was eliminated.
> Does anyone
> have any references about this story? Cutting science
> budgets has a long
> history is the USA!
> sincerely
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