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RE: Alabama senator Hillary Herbert & birds with teeth

> Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 01:17:47 -0300
> Subject: Re: Alabama senator Hillary Herbert & birds with teeth
> 2011/1/23 Lee Hall <paleeoguy@gmail.com>:
> >
> > Also, before this turns into a "Olde paleontologists were racists and
> > bad people" thread: you cannot hold historical figures up to modern
> > moral standards. If you do that, you take them out of the context of
> > the eras in which they existed. Keep them within the boundaries of
> > their lifetimes, and you'll really start to figure out who they were
> > and why they did what they did.
> >
> But, according to that logic, we should not judge past scientists from
> slavery-practicing countries if they tried to talk good things about
> slavery, because of the rationale that their mind on these issues were
> result of their societies, even if their speeches favored slavery!
> Although not favoring slavery, both Cope and Huxley were prolific
> writers which assumed and transferred prejudices against blacks. They,
> very smart scientists, which were so evidence-based in their
> professional lives, succumbed in this case to widespread prejudice.
> They contributed to bad and segregationist treatment, with the bad
> press they, respected thinkers, helped to generate. For, if you say
> someone is intrinsically inferior intellectually, it follows society
> dismisses spending the same effort in teaching these persons which
> could not, according to that discourse, adequately use knowledge. They
> were functional in discourse with all the entrepneurial oligarchies
> which did not want to spend money in the well-living of the workers
> they employed, especially in the colonies.

I'm hoping I read that wrong....because what it sounded like, is the one-drop 
rule (or the "one bad apple ruins the wagon" saying). such as...

* We can't use evolutionary theory, because Darwin and Wallace either married 
their cousin or a girl half his age.

* We can't use rockets for anything, because Von Braun was a Nazi.

* We can't read 'Sherlock Holmes' because Sir Arthur was a spiritualist 
suspected to be part of the greatest scientific hoax in human history.

* etc.