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Re: Alabama senator Hillary Herbert & birds with teeth

2011/1/24 Jane P Davidson <jdhexen@unr.edu>:
> His family who were Quakers as you know, and so was he, did try to help freed 
> slaves, to buy people out of slavery etc.  He decried in print in a very 
> angry way for example the lynching of a man named Henry Smith who happened to 
> be black.  So that was the sort of racist Cope was.

So, Cope was the kind of racist which wanted to deny the civic right
to vote to blacks, although was against slavery (so to him applied the
then common anti-slavery but still racist viewpoint, "I have a bad
opinion of blacks, and a worst one of slavery") and black lynching.
So, he was in favor of blacks being alive and free to choose their
work, but not free enough to have a voice in choosing the way the
society they lived was ruled, or to support the factions which may
have better serviced their basic needs, greater than those of the