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Evidence For Cause of Permian Extinction Reported

Volcanic eruptions in Canada 'caused largest mass 
extinction' 250m years ago by Graham Smith, Daily Mail
January 24, 2011â

(Note: the headline badly garbles what the paper concludes.)

Calgary researchers link mass extinction to volcanic ash
Calgary Sun, Jenna McMurray , âJan. 23, 2011â

Evidence in Canadian Arctic points to volcanoes as 
cause of massive extinction, Mark Iype and Lea Storry, 
Postmedia News, January 23, 2011

Massive volcanic eruptions + coal fires = the Great Dying
By John Timmer.

The paper is:

Grasby, S. E., H. Sanei, and B. Beauchamp, 2011, 
Catastrophic dispersion of coal fly ash into oceans 
during the latest Permian extinction. Nature 
geoscience. Published online 23 January 2011


Paul H.